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Introduction & General Procedure

1. Community Blackjack - Casino Edition is played with 6 standard decks of playing cards, shuffled together in a shoe before play begins.

2. Play begins with each player making two mandatory bets: their main wager and their Bonus wager; the Bonus wager must be at least half of the main wager.

3. Each player will receive one card, and one community Bonus card will be dealt; as the player plays out their hand, they may choose to add this Bonus card to their hand’s total when standing.

4. The Bonus wager is then resolved, depending on the rank of the player’s card and the Bonus card, with the following payouts:

   a. Exact match in rank and suit.
   b. Match in rank, but not in suit.
   c. Being within one rank of the Bonus card.

         i. Note that for this wager, both the two and the king will be considered within one rank of the ace
         ii. Note that for this wager, exact ranks and not blackjack values are important; that is, a jack does not “match” a king.

5. If the player has a total of twenty-one (that is, having a ten-value and an ace between their card and the community card) their Ante will win immediately and be paid at a rate of 3:2, irrespective of the dealer’s hand.

6. Otherwise, the player may choose to draw cards to their hand until they are either satisfied, or the total of their individual cards exceeds twentyone, in which case they have busted and they lose their main wager.

7. The dealer will then deal themselves one or more cards until one of the following occurs: a. They have a total of at least eighteen, either with or without use of the Bonus card, or b. They exceed a total of twenty-one in their individual cards, in which case they have busted and all remaining players win.

8. If neither player nor dealer busts, the player and dealer will make their best possible hand of twenty-one or lower. The player will win if their best possible hand beats the dealer’s best possible hand. If the two hands are tied, the main wager is a push. Otherwise, the main wager loses.

9. Note that a two-card dealer total of twenty-one is counted as a natural blackjack, and beats any player total of 21 with three or more cards.


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